Unlock access to rich financial information

Sharing financial information is now easier. Manage your personal finance information management with just a single integration.

In-Principal Licensed by RBI, the OMS Account Aggregator enables consent-based sharing of trusted and authentic financial asset info between financial institutions.

Trusted platform for consent-based data sharing consent-based data sharing.

As an RBI In-Principle licensed NBFC Account Aggregator in India, our platform brings the highest standards in data integrity & security to open financial asset information value. OMS AA’s revolutionary concept allows businesses and financial institutions to make futuristic digital solutions that will deliver top-notch customer experiences.

Real-time information sharing with user consent.

Securely shared information as data is encrypted at rest & in transit.

No account credentials with financial institutions are stored by us.

Quick consent management on the OMS app & more.

Download the OMS App from Playstore. iOS coming soon...


OMS Account Aggregator for businesses & institutions

We help financial institutions collaborate on the account aggregator ecosystem. Our objective is to streamline information between your financial organization & financial data users

Build your product with our API

OMS Account aggregator offers a complete API-driven infrastructure for smooth data sharing. Check out the API documentation and start your journey with us.

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